HVAC - Services

With over five (5) years of experience, Sylprin Company Limited has become the most trusted service provider in the light commercial, institutional and industrial markets with regards to HVAc installations. Our customers depend on our expertise to keep their essential systems operating. We understand that extended down-time can potentially cost our customers revenue and production ability.Thus, our technicians are trained at all levels holding licenses in the following fields:

  • Universal Refrigeration
  • Natural & Propane gas
  • Electrical & Controls

We provide Preventive Maintenance  all types of equipment. PM contracts are custom tailored to each account and may be inclusive of all parts and labor. Proper preventive maintenance greatly extends the life of the equipment. Just like changing the oil and routine maintenance on a vehicle, your buildings mechanical systems requires routine service and maintenance to keep it running in top efficient order. Call us now for all your Hvac needs and you will not regret doing business with us.